Playing with Dolls

Playing With Dolls Is Not Just Child’s Play

Playing with DollsWe associate dolls with childhood, and most girls would remember having had at least one doll to play with during their childhood.

However, it seems that with the advent of popular fashion dolls such as the Monster High fashion Dolls, many older children (around 10 years or more) and even women are becoming fascinated by these dolls.

It could be because the Monster High Dolls especially are becoming more like collectible items because they are exquisitely made and have such unique personalities and dress styles that make them so different to each other.

It seems that people are buying these dolls because they want to have the entire collection to display and admire.

Baby Dolls For Play & Helping Mommy

Baby dolls such as Corolle’s Mon Premier Calin doll are great for giving to very young children when new siblings have arrived.  We did this with our then 2 and a half year old daughter when our son was born.  Since she is the oldest and had had all of our sole attention to herself for so long, we were mindful that the arrival of a second baby might not be something that she would take lightly to. So, we bought her a Baby Annabell Doll and gave this to her as a present when we arrived home from the hospital with our newborn son.

It worked and had the desired effect that we wanted!

Instead of becoming jealous or anxious at the attention that her new brother was getting, our daughter turned her attention to “her new baby” and  would mimic me. This made my life so much easier, it meant that when I was feeding or cleaning our new baby, our daughter would be feeding or cleaning her “new baby” too.  So, I didn’t have to worry too much about her and worry that she was not getting enough attention because my daughter would be doing whatever I was doing but with her baby, so we did things in parallel and it was great.

Of course, this didn’t go on for ever and after a few weeks, she got fed up of looking after Baby Annabell and started taking an interest in her brother!

Playing With Dolls Brings Out The Nurturing Instinct

Playing with dolls does bring out the kind and nurturing side of your child.  It’s great to watch them feed, clean, rock and sing to their baby doll.

And since children, especially those who are 4 years old or just under, are the centre of their own universe, they’ll play with their toys and talk out loud too whilst playing.  Usually, these are the times when you can pick up on any issues or problems they might be facing, such as having bad nightmares or not liking going to pre-school, as they might talk about these experiences whilst playing with their dolls.

Whilst dolls might serve as great gifts and presents to buy for little girls, they can also come in quite useful too.

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