BOTO Pink Dolphin – The Ultimate Online e- Learning App for Your Kid

Have you heard of this smart and classic app that you can now use for story-telling to your kids? The BOTO Pink Dolphin is a unique feature that provides quality online educational services to your kids. It is very simple to install and operate on your phone. The application will enable your kid to listen to various stories about dolphin and at the same time get to read the story. Through this, the application has been able to improve creative learning and recognition ability to all kids.


The app is very reliable since you can select the language of your choice. Some of the languages in which the stories are narrated in include: English, Korean and Japanese amongst others. The different languages also enable your kids to be familiar with certain foreign languages and thereby enhancing the communication skills.

Since it tells on stories about the dolphin, your kids will get the chance to know more about the sea and its creatures plus precautions to take while in the sea. Besides the reading and listening to stories, kids are also able to play various storyline that keep on developing.

Besides the learning activity, BOTO Pink Dolphin is modified in a way that will enable you as a parent to get the results of your kid’s performance hence the best online e-learning app that you can always recommend for your kids. Since it has six different stages of learning the parents are able to get the results of creativity and recognition ability from each level of learning. You can also use it to enhance the drawing ability of your kid. This is because the last stage has creative drawing that will aid your kid’s improvement in sensitivity, sophistication and flexibility amongst others.


The BOTO Pink Dolphin is a product of the Juvenile educationalist for creative prodigal education and this implies that it is a reliable app that you can always rely on. Download it today for great improvement on your kid’s performance. It comes with quality game format full of great fun characters recommended for your kids. This is the best and most reliable education app that provides more than you may expect.

The BOTO Pink Dolphin was lastly updated on 30th October 2014 and has a size of 107M. The app is suitable for various android of 2.2 and above. This implies that it can be used by wide range of people hence the most reliable and convenient educational app for fast learning for your kids. Try the BOTO Pink Dolphin today and you will notice great change in your kid’s ability. This is the ultimate online e- learning app for your kids.

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