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Fantastic Educational Toys for Your Growing Genius

Your budding geniusLights, bells, whistles – educational toys come in so many quises!

These days so many of the top brands offer a fantastic selection of educational toys – brands such as Lego, vTech, Brio, LeapFrog and Fisher Price.

There are electronic books that help your child to enunciate letters and words, books that help them to read and write, furry toys that read stories, interactive Globes to help your child explore other continents and to discover about animals.

There is so much to learn about the big wide world and educational games making learning seem like child’s play and therefore lots of fun.

The learning system toys are aimed at many age ranges, some from birth to about 3 years, with the next stage up being from about 4 to 8 years.

The trend these days in educational toys for children is to have less of the passive learning and hence as a result, the toy manufacturers are increasingly leaning towards, and producing, multimedia learning systems.

LeapFrog, an innovative toys manufacturer is just one of the leading brands that is producing some excellent learning systems for young minds; Vtech, Fisher Price are some others that are doing the same.

These learning systems all aim for the same thing, namely, to enable children to read electronic books, watch interactive videos, play action packed learning games.

The emphasis is very much on interactive learning, but more importantly, learning through play and fun – so that a child almost forgets he is learning by rote.

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