Fisher Price Laughtop

Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn Laughtop

Fisher Price Laughtop

If you want to prepare and help your preschoolers develop key learning skills and become proficient at phonics, recognising letters and letter order, this Fisher Price Fun 2 Learn Laughtop  will help your children learn through laughing and having a lot of fun. In fact, they won’t even realise they are “learning”.

You can expect the usual high-level quality products from Fisher Price and know that this is a fun toy, with its music tunes and games but it is also an excellent educational toy too.

Of course, you don’t have to buy flashy, shiny, noisy electronic devices in order to get your preschooler to learn. You can do just as well using books, paper and pasta shapes for counting, and use everyday normal objects for letter recognition.

However, when your child has their own kid-sized laptop and engaging activities on it that will teach him to recognise letters through games and interactive play, most youngsters will opt for “playing” with their laptop and this will probably hold their attention for longer.

Your kids can even check their email on this laptop!

Whilst this laptop is recommended for children aged 3+, there are parents who have gotten this laptop for their 2 year old and found that they were able to learn things just as quickly using this laptop.

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