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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

click here to buy Laugh and Learn PuppyWe all want the very best for our children and as  well as having lots of toys to play with, as  parents, we kind of really do like toys that have  some educational or learning aspect to them.

That’s why Fisher Price’s  Laugh & Learn Puppy has  been such a huge hit with parents for so many  years.  It’s not just a stuffed animal that does nothing.  In fact, is is the ideal preschool or toddler toy with a slight educational touch thrown in.

Laugh and Learn Puppy is a wonderful cuddly toy for kids as  young as 6 months old to have and, as they grow  older, it introduces your baby to the core  fundamentals of language: the alphabet, as well as  numbers and colors.

The beauty of the Laugh and Learn Puppy is that at  first your 6 month old will think of this as a toy  to play with and cuddle. And this Learning Puppy  really is adorable, with his happy smile, and  exciting eyes.  Whilst playing with him, your child  will soon come to realize that puppy can talk and  sing too!

Modes of Play With Laugh & Learn Puppy

Unlike other soft and cuddly toys,  Laugh and Learn puppy is very huggable and comes with 2 interactive play modes:

Learning Mode is where you child will get to learn  basic fundamentals such as:

  • learning A-B-Cs
  • 1-2-3s
  • colors
  • parts of the body

Parts of the puppy’s body are named, so he has  the word “foot” on his foot and the word “hand” on his hand  and the word “tummy” on his stomach. Therefore, it  is very easy for parents to use this words in  normal vocabulary whilst playing with their young  children and Learning Puppy.  In this way, your  child will easily become used to the different  parts of the body.

Game Mode – by switching to this mode, young kids  will love to sing along with Puppy to 10 well-known  nursery rhymes including:

  • Itsy-Bitsy Spider
  • Pat-a-Cake
  • This Little Puppy Went To Market
  • This Old Man
  • Bingo
  • Head Shoulders Knees and toes

as well as:

  • the Alphabet song
  • a color song
  • a counting song
  • a song about body parts

Given that Learning Puppy can provide your child  with 3 hours of interactive fun and enjoyment –  this is an ideal educational toy for the price.

Other similar toys that children will love to learn from include the Bounce and Spin Pony and the Learn 2 Laughtop which is a great toy for children to play with as they so often see their parents and older siblings on their laptops or computers and naturally they want to copy.


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