Intelligent Toys for Age 4-5

image for Intelligent Toys for Age 4-5Parents love buying intelligent toys for age 4-5 year old  kids.

This is a good way of helping your child with his or her  preschool learning.
The last thing you want to do as parents is sit down with  your child and recite the whole of the alphabet or number  from 1 to 100.

This is not the best way to get your child to learn  mathematics or reading, or science or language for that  matter.
Children learn best through play.

For instance, if you want your child to learn to crawl, make a game of  it. Place an object such as a favorite teddy bear or some  snack, a distance away from your child and encourage him  to try to crawl to it. Or take a look at some of the toys  that will help your child to crawl.

In a similar way, if you want your child to become  familiar with numbers and the alphabet, what better way to  do this than to make a game of it?

You can do this manually – remember parents, you don’t  need to run to vTech or Fisher Price and buy the latest  electronic learning toy for your child.

You can buy cheap and just as good stacking toys. Kids  love stacking toys and knocking them down again.
Whilst playing this game of stacking and knocking, you can  explore the following types of language:

  • Colors: stacking toys will have different colors for  each level and you can talk about the different colors to  your child as he stacks or knocks down
  • Numbers: Count the number of levels in each stack
  • Sizes: With stacking toys, each level will be a  different size. This is a good way of teaching your child  about small, medium and large.
  • Prepositions: Introduce your child to everyday language  in context here by using words such as up, down, on top  of, underneath, inside and top

Shape sorting toys also lend themselves to such learning  games.

Learning Numbers At the Preschool Age

Teaching numbers can be incorporated into your day to day  language and conversation.  For example, you can count out  pasta shapes, take apples/bananas/plums out of the fruit  bowl, and count the number of eggs in the refrigerator.
Going shopping with your children can be turned into and  interactive learning experience – why not get your child  to bring you 5 apples, or 3 pears, or count out 6  potatoes?
You get the picture.

Numbers, like language is all around us, and you can quite  easily prepare your preschool toddler for the learning  experience he will get at school by involving him in these  types of games. As you can see, you don’t have to buy any  toys in order to teach your child numbers.

Learning Letters At The Preschool Age

We are surrounded by language and we communicate through  language, therefore, introducing your child to phonetics  is very easy to do.

Fridge magnets in the form of alphabetic characters can  provide lots of entertainment for your child and also  gives you more learning time whilst you are busy preparing  meals.

You can ask your child to tell you the letters he or she  removes from the fridge, or you can ask your child to give  you different letters.
You can ask your child to show you the first letter of his  name, or to give you the letter that is the first one for  “Dog”, or “Cat” or “Tommy”.

Alternatively, some of the popular educational and learning toys for pre-school children at

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