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iXL 6-in-1 Learning System

click here to buy the iXL Learning SystemIf you are looking for a learning-based educational  toy for your child, you might want to take a look  at the iXL 6-in-1 learning system from  Fisher-Price.

Whilst much younger children might enjoy playing with educational toys such as the Learning Resources Cash Register or the  Fisher Price Laughtop, the iXl is aimed at children from the ages of 3 years to 7  years.  Another similar educational device is the MobiGo Touch Learning System which is a type of handheld gaming device.

The iXL provides your child with a great  introduction to technology, whilst giving them lots  of fun activities to do.  It looks very much like  the popular hand-held game players that are the  favorite with kids these days, except that the iXL  is more durable and made from tougher plastic and  is designed more for younger children.

It is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Parents  will not have to spend hours poring through the  instruction manuals trying to figure out the  different modes and ways to play.

It’s really quite simple. There are 6 different way  to play:

  • Digital reader
  • Game reader
  • Note pad
  • Art Studio
  • MP3 Player
  • Photo viewer

click here to buy the iXL 6-in-1 Learning System
Kids navigate through the different activities  using a stylus that is tethered to the screen, so  there is no chance of the kids managing to lose it!

Shaped like a book that opens, the iXL has a 3.5  inch TFT QVGA color screen.

The iXL – A Great Educational Toy With Fun Activities

Packed with 6 different methods of play, there is  more than ample scope for learning here.

Digital Reader
This part of the iXL includes an interactive  15-page story that is available in either reading  mode or interacting mode. Great for helping your  child practice reading or comprehension.

Game Player
Introduce your child to the concept of counting and  learning about sequences and numbers with a 3-level  arcade game.

Notepad Mode
This module helps children to practice their  alphabet and their writing.

Art Studio
The Art Studio comes with digital tools that are   great for helping your kids to enhance their  creativity.

Photo Viewer
The Photo viewer comes pre-loaded with 3 sample  images that can be embellished and modified and  more can be added when the iXL is connected to a  computer.

MP3 Player
The iXL comes pre-loaded with 5 kid’s songs.

What parents really seem to love about the iXL is  that it can music and they don’t have to worry  about having cartridges in order to play different  games. Oh, and parents love that the stylus is  attached via a tough nylon string, which means it  will never go missing!

The iXL Connects To Your Computer

As well as being a standalone toy that kids can  play with, you can hook the iXL up to your computer  where you can add your own photos and  music from your computer to the iXL.  You can  also download extras that will enhance your child’s  experience of playing and learning with the iXL.

Keeping curious minds entertained for long periods  of time can be challenging but with the iXL  Learning system, you’ll find your kids have plenty  to do.  You won’t mind if they spend a while on the  iXL because they can do lots of educational  activities on it, such as practice reading and  comprehension.

The only downside to the iXl seems to be that it  can take a while, up to 30 minutes even with a  high-speed internet cable, to download all the  software.  However, you only need to do this at the  beginning (and there might be smaller updates  thereafter).

iXL For the Family – Load Up To 5 Profiles

The iXl allows you to create up to 5 different  profiles, so that everyone in the family can play.

The iXL also has:

  • an SD slot for memory expansion
  • built in memory of up to 150 MB
  • standard headphone jack (useful on long car  journeys or flights)

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