KidKraft Large Kitchen

KidKraft Large Kitchen

KidKraft Large Kitchen

You know how young children like to copy adults? Like your little boy will love his plastic Handy Manny toolbox and your daughter will want to be just like mom and have her own kitchen too – the KidKraft Large Kitchen is one of the best play kitchen sets around.

Kid-Sized Kitchen But So Real Looking

For budding little chefs in the making, this KidKraft kitchen will stir up and whole amount of creativity in your little ones.
Its not only for girls either, in fact boys like to play around in this kitchen too because it is so realistic looking.

Recommended: For kids aged 3 years and above.

The KidKraft Large Kitchen is kid-sized but looks so amazingly real, as  you will see in the picures below. It is heavy and long-lasting, bright and fluorescent-colored.

Due to the size of this kitchen, adult assembly is required and a powered screwdriver is recommended.

It comes with:
* Kitchen stove with realistic burners
* Oven with see-through windows
* Microwave with see-through windows
* Removable sink for easy clean up
* Shelving above sink
* Refrigerator and freezer
* Has open and close doors on oven and microwave
* Knobs on oven and sink
* Sturdy construction
* Good height – this kitchen is a taller unit than others so your children will not have to “stoop” to play

Inspire Hours of Make Believe Play & Imaginative Fun

The beauty about this “toy” is that it does so much more for your children. It inspires so much imaginative and creative play.

Kid Kraft Large Kitchen

Your children will LOVE cooking and cleaning in their own kitchen.

They can:

* Make “meals” for your
* Play together with their friends
* Play families and mimic mom and dad and kids
* Encourages role play
* Siblings, older and younger children can play together in this roomy kitchen without being overcrowded

If you want your kids to have lots more imaginative and creative play and you want them to keep themselves busy whilst having a great time too, check out this play kitchen at



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