Leapster Learning Toys for Toddlers

Leap Frog is a market leader when it comes to education  innovation. They are experts at creating award winning  toys that educate children and help with their  development.

Leap Frog educational toys, books and games are extremely  popular with parents mainly because the products are  exceptional and really do help children to learn through  fun and play.
After all, nobody wants to force feed the alphabet to their preschooler or make their  child learn numbers by rote.

Learning is much more effective and easily absorbed if  your child is having a fun time playing with brightly  colored, noisy and interactive toys.  It doesn’t feel like  learning then and that is how it should be.

Leap Frog Educational Toys

Leap Frog use play and music and encourage your child to  use their imagination when playing with Leap Frog toys.
Toys are available in many different age ranges, from Baby Toys, Toddler Toys, Preschool Toys and Kids’ Toys.

Leapster Explorer Learning Games

With Leapster Explorer. LeapFrog have an extensive range  of electronic handheld toys for kids.  These handhelds are aimed at encouraging your child to  discover something new each day through many and varied  ways of playing and learning via the ebooks, videos, games  and online play that can be customized to specific  learning skills.

Leapster Explorer is aimed at children aged from 4 to 9 years and was given the 2011 Educational Toy of the Year Award.
It was also recognised in:
Parents Magazine – 2010 Best Toys Guide
Parents’ Choice Award – Silver Honor

The Leap Frog Leapster learning games allow your child to  play and learn school skills on the go with just the  handheld device or they can connect online for extra  activities and games and collect rewards too.

Many of the Leapster learning games come with extra games  that can teach skills in many different areas such as  reading, numeracy, science, reading and language arts.
They are available in many of the best known and popular  titles such as Cars, Disney Princesses, Dora and Toy  Story.

If your children love Disney characters and have favorite  films that they adore, then getting them an appropriate  Leapster learning game is a great way of helping them to  learn through play.

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