click here to buy the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

click here to buy the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register
The Teaching Cash Register by Learning Resources is  great for pretend play and for teaching kids about  counting whilst introducing them to the concept of  money.

This toy has won many awards including the Oppenheim  Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. It has also been awarded the Oppenheim Toy  Portfolio Special Needs Adapted Products Award and is  a Gold Award Winner.

Deservedly so, this talking Cash Register is one of  those rare toys that easily teaches your children  the fundamentals of math through fun play.

Kids will be learning, through play, to identify  coins as well as adding and subtracting them. Your  kids will learn about counting money correctly, how  to work out the correct change and become familiar  with using decimals.

They will also be able to learn and master basic  calculator skills with the built-in calculator.

Identifying Money as Well As Addition & Subtraction

The Learning Resources Cash Register is a very well-designed toy with particular attention to  detail. As well as being a working solar powered  cash register, which your kids will love because at  last they get to handle bills, coins, cash drawers  and big numbers – there is also a built-in solar  calculator as its keypad.

Kids will have a lot of fun playing any of the 4  featured games that can be increased in difficulty  as children get more advanced.

As for any toy for young kids, having a large LCD  screen with big and easy to read numbers is a must  and this toy has those too. It also has a working scale and a scanner for  pretend coupons and credit cards.

click here to buy the Learning Resources Teaching Cash RegisterThe pretend money is realistic-looking, coming in  life-sized bills in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and  20.

There are 4 coin holders that can hold the embossed  plastic pennies:

  • nickels
  • dimes
  • quarters

Another really cool touch is the credit card slot on  the register which actually dings when you correctly  slide the pretend VISA card through it.

The manufacturer of this toy recommends it for children aged from 3 years to 8 years which we believe is the right age range.

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