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MobiGo Touch Learning System

click here to buy the Mobigo Touch Learning systemIf you’re looking for an educational based handheld  gaming system to keep your children entertained,  then the MobiGo Touch Learning System by Vtech is something  you might be interested in looking at.

It’s a portable gaming system, which means your kids  can use this in the car whilst on journeys, which  invariably means a more peaceful ride for the entire  family too….

Unlike most other gaming systems and educational  electronic toys for kids, the MobiGo has touch  screen technology which can be both fun and  interesting for kids to learn.

There is also a QWERTY keyboard which you can  slide-out. We find that this is a great add-on as it  is always good to get little ones into learning how  to type and use a keyboard, especially in today’s  computer-led world.

The MobiGo Helps To Develop Dexterity Skills in  Kids

The MobiGo has lots of educational things that  parents will be pleased to hear about and youngsters  will enjoy learning without being “force-fed” these topics.  Learning through play is the best way for  kids to learn, we feel, and the MobiGo is a true  pioneer of this mode of teaching.  The iXL 6-in-1 Learning System is another equally great educational learning toy for children aged from 3 to 8 years of age.

It is big and chunky (as well as sturdy and quite  robust) and has the ideal design for young children  who might yet be very dexterous with their fingers.  In time however, using this device will definitely  improve kids’
fine motor skills.

We especially like the cleverly  thought out design in which the  soft plastic casing  that covers this device makes it very easy to grip  and the rubber feet underneath mean this device will  stay put and not slip off a glass table or other  smooth surface.

click here to buy the MobiGo Touch Learning SystemYour child will learn how to:

  • add numbers
  • spell words
  • solve problems
  • spotting differences between similar objects

By using it as a handheld gaming system or either by  using the QWERTY keyboard, this will definitely help  to improve your children’s dexterity skills.

MobiGo Recommended for Kids Aged 3 to 8 Years

This is a great educational toy for pre-school  children around the age of 3 and can be used up  until the age of 8 years.

What’s Not So Good About The MobiGo?
The main complaint many parents have about the  MobiGo is that the size of the screen is quite  small. A bigger screen would have been preferable.

What Do You Get With The MobiGo?
The MobiGo comes with 1 game cartridge that features  many different learning games each with variable  levels of play from easy to difficult.

You can purchase new game cartridges that come with  popular characters and themes ranging from Shrek, to  Disney Princesses and Dora.

When purchased, you’ll get:

  • a MobiGo Touch Learning System
  • 1 game cartridge
  • USB cable
  • a soft cloth
  • owner’s manual

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