Click to buy FurReal Friends Biscuit Puppy

FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

Click to buy FurReal Friends Biscuit PuppyFurReal Biscuit is the super cute, super sized, adorable furry friend from Furreal friends.

And your kids will adore him.

You will too, because as a parent, you won’t need to feed him or take him for a walk or clean up after him as you would a real dog.  No, Furreal Friends make the perfect pets for kids and Furreal Biscuit is the ideal pet dog for any child.

Furreal Friends Biscuit

FurReal friends has quite a growing range of pet robotic dogs in their collection.


But by far, one of the most popular ones is Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

He seems loyal, super cute and sweet and endearing, doesn’t he?  Kids love Biscuit too. In fact, your child can adopt Biscuit because he comes with a special adoption certificate. This truly makes your child feel as though he really has adopted this special dog.

Biscuit Pup is a little large and can be difficult to carry for little kids, but his soft and playful manner and the way in which he responds to voice commands makes him so very lovable and endearing to kids and adults alike.

A Great Pet If You Are Unable To Get a Real One

It is true, some parents have bought a Furreal dog when the family pet dog has passed away and little children have found the event to be too traumatic.

In addition, some children might want pets but are unable to have them because someone in the family might have an allergy to pets.  This is when a FurReal pet can come in extra handy as a substitute pet.

Don’t believe us?

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