Blokus Classics Game

click here to buy Blokus Classics GameThe Blokus Classics Game is the most awarded game of the 21st Century – that’s a bold claim to make and a big claim but true nevertheless.

This product has a 5 star rating on and has been played and is a favorite  in many households.

Blokus Promotes Healthy Brain Activity

According to the manufacturers of this game, Blokus promotes healthy brain activity and has received a Mensa award for doing so. It was awarded Europe’s 2003 Game of the Year award and, like chess, is played in professional tournaments.

It has won over 20 prestigious awards and is a great strategy game that encourages creative thinking.

Although recommended for children from the age of 5 years and up, this game will enthrall and captivate adults of all ages.

A Short & Quick Game

Blokus can be played with up to 4 players.
You can still play with 2 to 3 players and it an also be played in solitaire mode.

An average game can last around 30 minutes, so this is not a game that will linger on and on taking up most of your afternoon or evening. However, we feel you might want to play it over and over again.

How To Play Blokus

Each Blokus game comes with 84 brightly colored pieces, a Blokus instruction guide and 1 gameboard with 400 squares.

The objective of the game is very simple:

Each player has to fit all of their pieces onto the board.

When placing a piece, it mush not lie next to the player’s other pieces but must be place touching at leas one corner of the pieces that are already on the board.

The player who gets rid of all their tiles first is the winner.

Sounds easy, but requires strategy and reasoning.

People who have played this game many times find that it is more fun with 4 players that with 2 or 3.

As one player says: “A great game for building strategic thinking”.

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