Dixit Board Game

click to buy Dixit Card Game The Dixit Board Game is based on storytelling and has won  both the French and Spanish Board Game of the Year  awards.

Many parents find that Dixit is great at encouraging  abstract thinking in children. It is a great game for  children and adults alike. Players can join in or leave at will and this game will keep all ages happy and enthralled and laughing too.

How to Play Dixit

The basic premise of this game is to see who is the best storyteller. You can have a minimum of 3 players or a  maximum of 6.

Each player takes turns to be a storyteller and has to make up a sentence about one of the six cards in his  hand.

The other players secretly select a card from their own 6  cards that they think closely resembles the description  given by the player who just played. Each player then  gives their chosen image to the storyteller.

The storyteller shuffles these cards and flips them over and everyone has to vote for the one that they think is the storyteller’s card.

If you vote for the right card, you move ahead.
If you vote for the wrong card, the player whose card it  was, moves ahead.

The first person to get to the finish line is the winner.

Fantastic & Creative Images

The artwork on the 84 cards is brilliant with some  stunning images, some of them resembling the types of  images that Salvador Dali would create.

click here to buy DixitThis is an easy to play game, with no complicated rules  and great for all ages.

Dixit Board Game Instructions

Each Dixit Board game comes with:

  • 1 game board
  • 84 abstract image cards
  • 36 voting tokens in 6 different colors
  • 6 wooden rabbits

The Dixit board game instructions are in English, French,  German, Spanish and Italian.

Dixit is a quick and easy game to play, requiring hardly  any setup time. It’s great fun and popular with adults as  well as children.

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