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Lego Hogwarts Game

click here to buy Lego Hogwarts Game
Build your own Harry Potter themed game board and then play against up to 4 players in a race to turn in your homework first. This unique and fun Lego board game will delight and enchant Harry Potter fans.

Cleverly thought out, it consists of 322 Lego pieces which you need in order to construct a game board on which to play. Once you have built the board out, players need to choose from one of the 4 colored microfigures (which represent one of the four Hogwarts Houses).

There is a six sided die which is completely built out of Lego; this die comes with seven tiles which can be put together in an combination.

The objective of this game it so collect four items from four different classrooms and the first player to return to their common room with all four items intact is the winner.

click here to buy the Lego Hogwarts GameIn a race to get your homework in, you’ll have to race through secret passageways and fight wizard duels, as well as dodge the shifting stairs.

Ideal for Harry Potter Fans Young and Old

This game is recommended for players aged 7 years and upwards. It is simple enough for young kids to understand yet deep enough to keep older kids and adults enthralled.

The Hogwarts Lego Game comes with:

  • 1 buildable Lego Die
  • 9 Lego mini figures which include:
  • Harry Potter
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ron Weasley
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Ablus Dumbledore

Harry Potter Hogwarts Encourages Strategic Thinking

It might sound as though getting 4 pieces of homework from 4 classrooms is a simple enough task but not if you have lots of different magical obstacles to contend with.

An added complication is that the game board is fully customizable which means that you can rearrange the rooms to throw your opponents off course.

In this way it really encourages little minds to think more creatively and find strategies for slowing down their opponents.

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