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Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition

click here to buy Scrabble Diamond EditionThe game of Scrabble has been a firm family favorite through  the decades and the 60th year anniversary celebrations of  this much loved and much played game has the Scrabble  Diamond Anniversary Edition with a sleek and snazzy new  look that gives it a touch of class.

Sleek black and silver tiles, a rotating board splashed  with color, curved letter racks and a raised grid that ensures  your letters stay in place – this is all part of the new  look Scrabble and will greatly please many Scrabble fans.

No more having to strain your neck or try to read the  Scrabble board upside down, the new look Scrabble has a  rotating board that can easily be spun around to face the  player who is currently playing.

Personally, we always found the stationary board to be a  bit of a problem and whenever we turned the board around,  the letters would slip down or sideways and you always  had to rearrange them back into their original positions.

It’s good to know that we won’t be having problems like that anymore!

Scrabble Playing Instructions

The game play guide that comes with Scrabble explains the  rules in a very clear and easy-to-read-way, as well as  offering many tips to give you a heads up in the game.  For example, giving you a list of words which have “q”  but no “u” in them.

What’s not to like
Although this set can be folded up into a carrying case  that also has storage trays and handle, the carrying case  does not snap shut.

Better Design Than The Original Game of Scrabble

Once you get used to the bright new colors (some people  like the new colors, other die-hard Scrabble fans prefer  the original colors) many players of this new game find  that it is definitely better designed than the original  Scrabble board game and easier to play.

For instance, it is easier to spin the board around so that it faces each  player who is playing and the letters won’t misalign. And, the tiles lock into place! Which means there is absolutely no chance at all of them moving in any  direction.

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