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Scrabble Flash Cubes

click here to buy Scrabble Flash CubesYou might be wondering what Scrabble Flash Cubes are – we  did wonder ourselves!  They are NOT a handheld gaming  version of the Scrabble board game or a flash game version of Scrabble.

Scrabble Flash cubes is an electronic version of the  bestselling Scrabble board game and has 3 different games  you can play. In the US and Canada it is known as  Scrabble Flash Cubes but outside of these countries, this  game is known as BOGGLE Flash.

It is ideal if  you are travelling as it is a compact  size, very portable and 2 of the 3 games it contains are  ideal for playing SOLO – therefore, if you are travelling  alone, you can happily wile away the hours by yourself  playing this game.

In a word: Scrabble Flash Cubes will give you your  Scrabble fix if you are short on time or have nobody to  play with. In addition, you can play this anywhere, there  are only 5 tiles and it comes in a lightweight storage  box.  If you love games and puzzles, this one is a great game for sure.

You can still play with other players, as 1 of the 3  games is ideal for playing against partners.

This compact travel-sized Scrabble is the winner  of the Oppenheim Platinum Award.

It is perfect for children aged 8 years and above.

Play 3 Types of Games with Scrabble Flash

You can play any one of three types of games with this  version of Scrabble:
1st option
This is the  Flash option and in here players have to  make as many words as they can from the same five letters  in 75 seconds

2nd option
This is the Five Letter Flash game and here a player has  to find a 5-leter word and then receives 5 new letters  and has to spell as many words as possible in the given  time frame of 75 seconds

3rd option
This is the Pass Flash option where players pass the  tiles around to each other, rather like pass-the-parcel.
Each player has to make a 5-letter word within the time  limit. Once a player has made their word, they pass the  tiles to the next player, who now gets five new letters.

If a player does not spell a word within the given time  frame then they are automatically eliminated from the  game and everyone carries on playing until only the  winner remains.

As you can see, for a small game that is compact and  portable, it has lots of different games that can be  played and enjoyed solo or with friends.

What Are SmartLink Tiles?

The SmartLink tiles are what you get with the Scrabble  Flash Cubes version. Therefore, you won’t have the usual  number of Scrabble tiles to contend with and potentially  lose, especially if you are playing this whilst  travelling.

The SmartLink tiles are electronic Scrabble tiles (and  you only get 5 of these with your Scrabble Flash Cards  game) that are linked to each other using SmartLink  technology. Each SmartLink letter has a black and white  LCD display that shows one single letter of the alphabet.

What this means is when you play and you line the tiles  up in order to create a word, the word is confirmed with  lights and sound. These tiles also keep track of the  timing and the score.

Scrabble Flash uses 2032 button batteries and you get the  first set of batteries already included with your  purchase, which means you can get started and start  playing Scrabble Flash straightaway.

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