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Settlers of Catan

Click here to buy the Settlers of Catan board gameThe Settlers of Catan is a board game that has been played by thousands of players over the years and is a well-known and much loved game. It’s a trading and territory strategy  board game that is set in the mythical world of Catan.

Many avid fans of the game have likened it to a cross  between Chess and Monopoly.

People who have bought and played this game absolutely  love it and find it quite addictive, with many claiming  that it brings out the addictive streak in many.

What is Settlers of Catan?

Basically, this is a great family game and is suitable  for children aged 10 to 14 years, although of course  anyone from the age of 10 and upwards will enjoy this  game.

It is an award-winning strategy game and as a player, you  have to collect different resources and start to build  your roads, settlements and cities (kind of like Monopoly  where you are collecting real estate and building houses  and hotels).

One of the unique aspects to this game is that the board  is variable and you can change it each time you play so  that your game is different each time too.

You play the game for around 90 minutes and it is  intended for 3 to 4 players in each round.

At the start of each game, every player has 2 settlements  and 2 roads.

The game board consists of 19 terrain hexes surrounded by  the ocean.

Each type of terrain will produce a different type of  resource, which include:

  • lumber
  • grain
  • ore
  • brick
  • wool

It is up to you to collect these resources and use them  to build roads along the edges of the hexes and cities or  settlements on the intersections where the 3 hexes meet.

Each time you roll the dice, you cause certain hexes to  produce resources and you can collect this resource but  only if you have a settlement on one of them.

You can trade resources with other players and this adds  a level of competitiveness and strategy to your game.

The first player to collect 10 victory points  is the winner.


Settlers of Catan Instructions

There is a 5 page guide book that comes with Settlers of  Catan. Don’t let this put you off! It is easy enough to play and has straightforward rules.
The 4 pages include lots of illustrations including a  starting map.

Settlers of Catan Expansion Sets

The Settlers of Catan is an award-winning and  best-selling board game that has been around for many  years and played by thousands of people.

It’s popularity has meant that there are now several  expansion sets available and you can buy these  separately.

When you purchase Settlers of Catan, you will get:

– 19 terrain hexes
– 9 harbor pieces
– 6 sea frame pieces
– 18 circular number tokens
– 126 game cards
– 16 cities
– 20 settlements
– 60 roads
– 2 dice
– a robber
– rules guidebook


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