Different Types of Puzzle Games for Kids of Different Ages

Jigsaw puzzle games have been in existence for centuries. Traditional jigsaw games are basically made with cardboard and they are available in several shapes and sizes.

They come in different pictures. Children have to arrange the pieces together and create a picture. You can let your children play with this game from a young age because these games are educational. These days, a lot of coloring games for kids are available online. You can teach your kids with basic computer skills by playing puzzle games online for kids.

For Beginners

Just from the early ages, make your children busy playing with jigsaw puzzles. Wooden puzzles are available with background and in large pieces. Large pieces are distributed on small numbers and young children can easily grip them. After finishing the puzzle, they can dump such pieces off and begin again. Such types of jigsaw puzzles are available with different pictures like cars, animals, cartoon characters, trucks, flowers and shows. Your children can drive their skills and learn more about surroundings.

For Intermediate

After teaching your kids putting out jigsaw puzzles arranged, you can advance the level of difficulty by removing the backgrounds and pictures on them. These pieces of puzzles are available in a box. They will have to match those pieces with the image printed on the box. If they find the correct piece to connect, these pieces are locked with each other. Consider their age group and don’t buy them too hard puzzle. They may feel less interested if they feel bored with them. So, make sure to buy the puzzles as per their ages. If your kid can enjoy with puzzles for a minute, then he might be interested to play with them when they reach higher age.

Online Puzzles
You can also find free online puzzles on the web. This way, you should also consider the age of your kid and make sure it is correct for this game. Make sure to choose virus-free and safe puzzle games for them. They can learn different skills with online puzzles. In addition, they can learn how to use computer mice. Make sure to activate the antivirus to provide regular protection to your system.

For Older Kids

When your kids reach 9 years or older, they usually become ready to advance their puzzle games. You can give then harder puzzle games in order to keep them engaged with the game. You can teach them arranging the border first and then arrange other parts of the puzzle.

You may help them compare colors and hint them where they can fit each of these pieces. Try to work with them and help them enhance their skills, instead of hogging the puzzle. Let them work on themselves unless they wish to involve you to share your experience.


Puzzle games are best option to exercise your mind, relieve stress, and enhance coordination between eyes and hands and dexterity. Kids can learn several logic skills with puzzle games. They can find puzzle games from several online resources.

We are specialized to offer puzzle games online for kids. Apart from increasing their hands-eye coordination and increasing dexterity, they can learn specific skills, like using computer mouse. Your kids can also enjoy entertaining and exciting coloring games for kids.

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