Harry Potter Kids Halloween Costumes

Kids halloween costumes no longer belong to the domain of vampires or deathly ghouls any more. For over a decade now we have grown to love the world of Harry Potter and all its rich characters. Who in the developed world is not familiar with the name of Harry Potter? Harry Potter Halloween costumes have been hugely popular for years.

Many children like to dress up as characters from Harry Potter, from Harry Potter in his Gryfinndor Robe, to Hermione with her long cape and wand, to the almighty Hagrid with the large beard and mess of hair. Indeed there have probably been occasions where a handful of Harrys and Hermiones have turned up at the same party looking almost identical.

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As well as the costumes themselves you can get appropriate Halloween props such as Harry Potter’s Owl, his spectacles, the Harry Potter wand and his broomstick.

Its not just at Halloween either, these costumes are worn at parties and for dressing up games.
With so many Harry Potter titles out and the books loved by children all over the world, the Harry Potter mania means that a new theme park is being developed in Florida. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is due to open in the Summer of 2010 and will be visited by excited muggles from all over the world.

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