Little Jumpers Kids Trampoline

Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline

Little Jumpers Kids TrampolineCan you see your little ones having hours of fun on the Alex  Little Jumpers Trampoline?

With a soft, large handle, non-slip rubber feet and a padded frame, this is a safe and fun trampoline that little bouncers  will love to jump around on for hours.

It’s a great way of getting your young children to exercise whilst having lots of fun as well.

Let’s face it, toddlers and  little ones have TONNES of energy, much more than moms and dads  and they can easily wear us out.

Much better to have them  exercising for fun and using up that energy in a positive way! An Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline will keep them bouncing and  jumping out in the backyard whilst getting lots of fresh air and  keeping out of your way!

For you moms, when faced with long  school breaks, having a Little Jumpers Trampoline means that you  can sit down nearby with a cool drink and a book and actually unwind for a while instead of running around all day after your  little ones.

You don’t have to be limited to using this trampoline outdoors  only. On rainy days, simply bring this trampoline indoors and  continue with the fun.

How Big Is The Alex Little Trampoline?

When fully assembled the dimensions of this trampoline are 34.5  inches square by 29.5 inches high.

An Easy to Store Kids Trampoline

When not in use the storage capability of this trampoline means  it can be kept under a bed, or in a closet or in the garage.

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