collecting bugs in the garden

Exploring the Natural World With Your Kids

collecting bugs in the gardenGetting your little ones outdoors is easy! Kids love being outdoors and running around whilst getting fresh air is a good thing.

However, have you ever considered using this outdoor time to explore the environment with your children?

Whether you are at a local park or your backyard or even going for a walk in the woods, you have around you a magnificent opportunity and for catching bugs, collecting leaves and twigs, doing tree bark drawings, learning new language and vocabulary and teaching your children all about nature.

Make the most of this opportunity that is right beneath your nose and best of all, is absolutely free.

If your children are of the age where they can read books, you might want to get them to take some nature books with them and see if they can identify the different trees or leaves that they find.

Bug Catching Fun For Kids

For younger children, bug catching is a fun activity where they can catch insects and bugs and put them into a suitable container for further investigation.

Not only does catching small bugs teach your children not to become scared or squeamish about such things, but this can help to instill in them a sense of respect for living creatures.

You must enforce a policy of listening,looking and touching but not harming in your children.  Teach them that it is wrong to kill living things.

You might want to suggest to your children that they can look after their new found bugs for a few days. Now is a good time to teach them that all living things need oxygen to breath and to survive as well as food and water.

Collecting leaves brings ample opportunity for getting your children to sort this leaves and put similar ones together. This involves analyzing and then classifying.  Not bad going for a 3 to 8 year old and you never know you might just have a budding scientist on your hands.

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