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I Can Play Basketball

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For encouraging your young kids to get into sports and outdoor play, the I Can Play Basketball from Fisher Price is a great example of toy sports equipment that kids love.

Starting from as young as 2 year olds, this basketball net will grow with your child since it has 4 different adjustable settings.
Set it at the lowest which is 3 feet.
As your child grows taller, you can adjust this higher each time, from 4 feet, to 5 feet to 6 feet high.

The sturdy base can be filled with either sand or water to keep the net upright.

This is perfect for a pre-schooler and will help them to get a bit of exercise along with having some fun too. Because of it’s adjustable height, it is easy to make this a height that is reachable for very young children and therefore lets them join in the fun.

The ball is also included with the net.

What parents seem to love more about this net is that it is easy to assemble and can keep little ones busy for a good 20-30 minutes, if not longer.  Enough time for moms and dads to sit down, put their feet up and have a little time to unwind and relax themselves….

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