Radio Flyer Sport Coupe

Radio Flyer Sport Coupe Red

Radio Flyer Sport CoupeThis beautifully designed and classic Radio Flyer Sport Coupe Red is a shiny red car with a long-lasting plastic body and your  child will have hours of fun driving around in it this summer.

In fact, you will find it quite a task to get him out of this  car!  Your kids will positively feel as though they own the  sidewalk if you venture out with them in this.

Did we mention how many great looking photo shots you can  take with your kids in this car? Seriously, this beautiful red car provides a great photo opportunity!


What Do You Get This Red Sport Coupe?

The Radio Flyer Sport Coupe comes with:

  • Opening and closing doors – just like a real car
  • Clicking gearshift
  • Clicking key
  • Electronic lights
  • Spinning steering wheel
  • Sound dashboard
  • Honking horn
  • Removable gas cap
  • Sturdy chrome push handle – perfect for parents to use to  push their kids around (but goes down to resemble a rear  spoiler when your child can control the car himself)
  • Storage room behind the seat (ideal for storing a jacket or  lunchbox)
  • Stow away footrest for when your child was to coast and  slide their tired feet onto the footrest

Recommended for ages 1 to 3
Needs 3 AA batteries – included

Although the age range for this Sport coupe is from 1 to 3  years, the younger children around the 1 year mark will most  likely not be able to push themselves around.  However, the  push handle makes this easy for adults to use and at a good  height of 38 inches, means  they don’t have to bend over and  ruin their backs either.  Even if your little one can’t yet  push himself around, he will most definitely enjoy sitting in  this beautiful classically designed car and being pushed  around by mom or dad.

Kids will love to steer in it and kids will love to sit in it!

If you think your kids will love this Sport Coupe, you can find out more on the website.

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