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Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox

click here to buy the Naturally Playful SandboxLet your kids go wild with water and sand with this  lovely Naturally Playful Sandbox from Step2. Large and  roomy, the thing many parents loved about this sandbox  is that there was plenty of room for 2 kids to play in  it.  Also, the color of this means that this sandbox  blends in more easily to the backyard decor.

Step2 are renowned for creating safe and high-quality   toys that children love.

This sandbox is not only durable but it looks pretty  too with its “sunshine-motif” lid that helps keep the  sandbox safe from unwanted bugs and pests getting in  when not in use.

This cleverly thought out design has 4 molded in seats  in each corner of the sandbox. As you might already  know, playing with sand can get very messy and if your  children are sitting right in the sandpit, they will  be full of sand too.  Having 4 cornerstone seats  provides a seat for little ones and keeps them from  having to sit in sand.

No assembly required!

Enough said about that point.
If there’s one things parents hate, it is having to  assemble toys once you bring them home.

Luckily, with this sandbox, there is no further  assembly required and it is ready to go.

Multi-Use Sandbox Doubles As a Planter

When your children get fed up of playing with sandbox,  you can still put it to good use as a large planter.   For use by moms and dads but also a great way of  getting your kids used to a little gardening and  getting them to grow their own plants.

This sandbox is recommended for children from the age  of 1 year upwards.
It can hold up to 200 pounds of sand.
Note: The sand and toys are sold separately.

We have shopped around and found that, at the time of writing, this Naturally Playful Sandbox is $$$$  cheaper when bought from AND it comes with  FREE shipping too.

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