Up and Down Roller Coaster Step2

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Up and Down Roller Coaster Step2

Preschool age kids will absolutely love the Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster and have tonnes of fun with it’s 10-foot-long ride.

Whilst it might not have the scary hairpin turns or crazy loops  of the real roller coaster rides in theme parks, young children  will definitely enjoy this ride whether in your backyard or in  their playroom. One of the great things about this roller  coaster is that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

Durable and built to last even through lots of rough play and  wear and tear, this play item is easy to put together.

The beauty of this toy is that it is so much more than a roller  coaster for young kinds.
It is a multi-functional toy and its individual pieces can be  used to roll balls and cars off the ramp bits. The yellow car  (included when you buy the Step2 Roller Coaster) can be used by  young children as a standalone car that they can drive around  in.  The car itself has a handrail, foot rest and a high back  and this makes for a safe and comfortable ride for very young  children.

If your child enjoys the thrill of going down gentle slopes and  you want to ensure safe play, the this Up and Down Roller  Coaster fits the part perfectly.

As with all toys of this nature, we recommend that an adult  supervises play at all times.

Assembly is easy and requires no tools as is has a snap-together  design.

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