click here to buy the Lego creator green grocer set

click here to buy the Lego creator green grocer setLego creator sets are a big hit with young and old, those new to Lego and those who are seasoned Lego collectors.  This Lego Creator Green Grocer is one of the favorites of these sets and has the most intricate details and design.

You can use this Lego creator set to expand your existing Lego neighborhood, perhaps by adding to your existing Lego Cafe Corner or Lego Market Street sets.

Or you can start a new neighborhood with this Green Grocer set.

Everyday learning opportunities

Everyday learning opportunitiesYou can enrich your child’s language and vocabulary  for free and without buying extra books or electronic toys either.

All you need to do is talk to your child about the world around her. It sounds rather simplistic doesn’t it? But, it’s true.

In this day and age when we have become a little too dependant on the latest and newest handheld gaming device or educational learning system, we don’t really need them.…