Click to buy the Harry Potter Scarf

Click to buy the Harry Potter ScarfNow that we have seen the last of the Harry Potter  films in what has truly been an entertaining and  exciting decade for Harry Potter fans, its no surprise  that the Harry Potter Scarf is on sale and extremely  popular too.

click here to buy Lego Minotaurus Game

click here to buy Lego Minotaurus GameWelcome to a new collection of games that can be  built, played and changed. With a unique, buildable  die and rules that can change depending on  strategy, this is exactly what Lego Games are – the  Harry Potter Hogwarts game is another example of a great Lego  game.…

click here to buy Lego Hogwarts Game

click here to buy Lego Hogwarts Game
Build your own Harry Potter themed game board and then play against up to 4 players in a race to turn in your homework first. This unique and fun Lego board game will delight and enchant Harry Potter fans.

Cleverly thought out, it consists of 322 Lego pieces which you need in order to construct a game board on which to play. Once you have built the board out, players need to choose from one of the 4 colored microfigures (which represent one of the four Hogwarts Houses).…

Harry Potter games are a great way of keeping the magic of Harry Potter and Hogwarts alive.
It’s also a great way of keeping your kids entertained and occupied during what can be quite trying times for moms and dads, especially during the holiday periods!

Harry Potter games are available in different models and for different age ranges.…

Sheriff Woody Pillow Time Pal

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear PillowBuzz and Woody Pillow Pets

Many of you have been trying to find Toy Story Pillow Pets. Unfortunately, these do not exist. There are no Sheriff Woody or Buzz Lightyear Pillow Pets.

Click here to see what the original set of Pillow Pets toys look like – as you can see, there are no Toy Story Pillow Pets in the range.…

Harry Potter Pillow

Harry Potter Pillow

Harry Potter Pillow Pets do not exist! Its official and yet  kids all over who adore the Pillow Pets range of toys, still  keep looking for the Harry Potter Pillow Pet.

The manufacturer of Pillow Pets toys have no desire to branch  out  into different Pillow Pets creatures at the moment.…

Disney Mater Plush Toy

Disney Mater Plush ToySorry kids but there are no Disney Pillow Pets.   That’s the truth of it. If you were looking for a  Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet or a Cars 2 Pillow Pet, then  you are in for a bit of a shock – there is no Disney  Pillow Pet available to buy.…