click here to buy the Barbie Glam Vacation House

click here to buy the Barbie Glam Vacation HouseThe Barbie Glam Vacation House is the ultimate in  doll accessories and the sort of place that Barbie  really can’t do without.

This 2-storey building has 6 areas of play where  kids can let their imagination run wild and create  lots of fun and interesting stories for Barbie as well as re-arrange the furniture in the different rooms.…

New My Pillow Pets Pink Dino

New My Pillow Pets Pink DinoDue to popular demand for their cute and super cuddly plush pets, the My Pillow Pets Company has added lots of new  creatures to its line of toys. Especially cute and  colorful are the new My Pillow Pets Butterfly pets:

My Pillow Pets Pink Butterfly there is also a Pink Butterfly Blanket available

My Pillow Pets Blue Butterfly – Large

My Pillow Pets Orange Butterfly…

Learning to tell the time isn’t always a simple  concept to pass on to young kids.

We would say that at around the age of 4 or 5,  depending on your child, you might want to buy your  child his first clock.  Make sure it is a sturdy  and durable one though as your child will probably  still think of it as a toy.  Of course, he will be  thrilled to have an adult thing to look after.…

Lady Bug Blanket

Lady Bug Blanket


If you still haven’t seen the cute and adorable My Pillow Pets toys so loved by children, you’ve either been walking around with your eyes shut or are situated in a remote part of the world!

As well as having a plush toy that can be used as a pillow during naptire and bedtime, My Pillow Pets are plush companions by day. You can also buy blankets to match some of the Pillow Pets character.…