Playtime with cars

Playtime with carsIt is not un-natural for boys to choose playing with their cars and trains to reading a book.
Our boys do that all the time whilst our daughter is more of a book worm and we’d probably have a harder time trying to get her to go out and play and to leave her book indoors!

With boys, it seems to be the other way.…

Disney Mater Plush Toy

Disney Mater Plush Toy

Mater, the goofy and adorable old buddy of Lightning McQueen is in fine form here as a cuddly plush toy.

Soft enough to cuddle when in bed and hug, this is the perfect toy for young kids. Now that the hit movie “Cars 2” has become such a huge summer 2011 success, seen by many over the course of the summer break, the Cars 2 characters, whether in plastic/metal form or plush toys, are in great demand.…

click here to buy the Cars 2 World Grand Prix Track

click here to buy the Cars 2 World Grand Prix TrackHot on the success of the summer blockbuster hit Cars 2, comes this Shake ‘n Go World Grand Prix from Fisher-Price.

Your kids will enjoy acting out their favorite scenes from the Cars 2 movie.  Whether it’s Francesco, the big-headed showoff or Lightning McQueen, trying to find his friend and make it up to his friend Mater.

click here to buy Shake 'n Go McQueen

click here to buy Shake 'n Go McQueenDisney/Pixar have done it again with another  blockbuster hit movie in “Cars 2”.

The Shake ‘N Go vehicles in this range all come  from the funny Cars 2 film.…

Disney Mater Plush Toy

Disney Mater Plush ToySorry kids but there are no Disney Pillow Pets.   That’s the truth of it. If you were looking for a  Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet or a Cars 2 Pillow Pet, then  you are in for a bit of a shock – there is no Disney  Pillow Pet available to buy.…