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Bounce & Spin Zebra

click to buy Bounce and Spin ZebraA huge hit with parents, the Bounce & Spin Zebra by Fisher Price is a wonderful ride-on toy that your child will love.

The Bounce and Spin Zebra won the Hot Toy Award from Toys ‘R Us in 2006.

Recommended for children aged from 1 to 3 years, Fisher Price’s Bounce & Spin Zebra is great for enhancing your baby’s physical development because it encourages your child to bounce and spin.  Your child will also learn about coordination and balance in a fun and exciting way that poses no danger to him.

In this way it enhances your youngster’s motor skills. Kids love it because they can bounce around as much as they want! They can also listen to any one of five songs.

Can My Child Fall Off The Zebra Easily?

The Bounce and Spin Zebra is designed with your child’s safety in mind. The Zebra won’t “lock” properly until your child is sitting properly and firmly in the seat (and not hanging off it or only half on).

It also has a wide and heavy base that won’t tip over and even if your little one is going to be doing a lot of hard bouncing and spinning!

The main thing that most parents did not like was the songs – you can’t get them out of your head but the kids seem to love them!

The handlebars on the Zebra are easy to grip, even for small hands and give your child that extra level of security. There is a clear roller ball near the handlebars that lights up and activates songs as well.

It is not very high off the ground, so it is fairly easy for your child, even a 1 year old, to get on and get off by themselves.

The Zebra can turn all the way around, doing a complete 360 degrees turn.

Many parents love that their children get to have a  some exercise on this toy and they find that it really helps enhance their child’s physical development – even the act of trying to get on and off by yourself is no easy thing for a toddler!

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