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KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set

click here to buy KidKraft Deluxe Fire Station Set onlineThe Kidkraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set will keep that spark  of imagination truly alive in your kids as they immerse  in the role of firefighters and the fire station.

Bold, bright and colorful with great attention to detail,  there is so much for curious young minds to do here.

You  can see from the image, how much detail this fire station  has, from the silver bell that hangs in front of the  building, just below the “Fire Station” sign, to the  helicopter and helipad on top of the building.

Playtime with the KidKraft Deluxe Fire Rescue Set

If you purchase this set, you will get:

  • 3 firefighters
  • 1 helipad
  • 1 helicopter
  • 22 pieces of furniture
  • garage with ambulance and fire truck

This set is quite big and will easily accommodate  multiple children at the same time. This is great for  when your kids have friends coming over as it will keep  them all occupied and playing together for a good while

This set is robust and made from wood, the furniture is  also made from wood. It is recommended for children aged  3 and above, up to the age of around 7 years.

It is not recommended for younger children under the age  of 3 because it has small parts which can pose a  potential choking hazard.

Can Be Easily Assembled In About 15 Minutes

This fire station is fairly straightforward to assemble,  taking around 15 minutes.

Many parents particularly note how the accessories and  pieces of furniture and firefighters provide so much  source of inspiration for their youngsters who did not  seem to get bored of playing with this for a long time.

Perfect “Doll House” for Boys

Girls seem to get all the nice and pretty dolls houses to  play with but with this Deluxe Fire Station, it seems  that the boys finally have a “boys dollhouse” for  themselves.

There are so many detailed and intricate accessories that  come with this fire station set, that really give the set  the ambience of a real life fire station and provide so  much scope for scenarios and play acting for kids.

For instance, you some of the accessories include beds, a  TV and a treadmill.

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