My Tot Clock

My Tot Clock

click here to buy My Tot ClockMy Tot Clock has saved many a family from the nightmare of sleep deprivation. If you are a parent, you will know only too well, the times when your 2 year old got up very early and came into your room to get into your bed.

All parents know about sleep deprivation to some extent. It seems that My Tot Clock has helped many tiny tots to learn about and respect the different times and to help their parents get a good night’s sleep.

Parents Can Sleep Better Now That Tots Can Too

The basic function of this clock is to teach little ones about the times we must go to sleep and the times when we can get up.

click here to buy My Tot ClockAfter all, it is because small children have no set boundaries of these times, that they change their parents sleeping habits to suit their own (a 2 year’s old’s sleeping patterns).

And, of course, parents don’t go to bed at 6pm or 7pm so we are never going to have the length or quality of sleep that a 2 year old gets, hence interrupted and short sleep, resulting in grumpy and sore-headed parents.

With My Tot Clock, you can program it for a number of different settings.
The blue light tells little ones that it is time to sleep.
The yellow light tells little ones that is time to wake up.

In this way, parents actually get to set a routine and quite easily too!

Children LOVE to adapt to the colors that My Tot Clock is set too. Which means, if they usually have a habit of getting up at 5am and going into mom and dad’s bedroom, you can program My Tot Clock so that  it does not turn yellow until 7am, for example.

So, if your toddler gets up at 5am and sees that My Tot Clock is still blue, he knows that it is still time to sleep. He won’t want to get up and go into his parents room.

Many parents report that their children no longer get up and disturb their sleep.
This is GOLDEN!

What Else Can My Tot Clock Do?

My Tot Clock has 10 brilliant and useful features that parents will love.

As well as teaching your children about sleeping time and waking up time, My Tot Clock:

  • plays bedtime stories
  • plays lullabies
  • plays wake music
  • plays white noise (such as ocean sounds)
  • makes a great nightlight and has 5 levels of illumination
  • has a built-in timeout timer
  • has a built-in Toddler Activity Manager which can be effectively used for positive timed activities such as time set aside for picking up toys

Parents struggle to manage their own time, especially when kids are at such a young age and can be so demanding, but at last there is a way to easily manage your tot’s time – and this will make life easier for you too.

click here to buy My Tot Clock

It also has changeable faceplates so that My Tot Clock can match your child’s interests or bedroom theme. The 3 included are:

  • Welcome to Children’s Dreamland
  • Tot Clock Treasure
  • Night Sky

You can purchase additional faceplates separately as well.

My Tot Clock
The makers of this product are so confident of My Tot Clock that they guarantee you better sleep or your money back!

Parents who have bought and implemented the simple techniques offered by My Tot Clock cannot believe how it has been a life changing product for them.

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