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Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table


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Your children are going to have hours of outdoor fun  with this WaterWheel activity play table by Step2.

And moms, you will have a calmer and more peaceful  time knowing that they aren’t spilling water all over  the floor.

Water pours through the funnel and activate the wheel  which spills water into the upper and inner harbors.  Just this alone will keep your kids amused for a long  time!

This waterwheel playtable:

– holds up to 4 gallons of water
– has 2 separate sections that can function as canals,  moats or lakes
– is big enough to accommodate up to 3 children at  any one time
– requires minimal adult assembly
– comes with 1 cup, 2 boats and 1 water wheel tower
– 2 built in drain plugs which allow for easy water  removal

This product is recommended for ages 1 and upwards.

Why Kids & Parents Love the Waterwheel Activity Table

Parents love that this is an easy to use and easy to  clean play table. Its also easy to fill and extremely  durable.

It is best used in the backyard and is ideal for  keeping your children busy and entertained especially  during the long summer holidays.

The spinning waterwheel, a cup for pouring and boats  are the type of toys and activities that really appeal  to little children and what better place to let them  play with water in a contained place?  And such a  great way of teaching child about cause and effect.

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