Click here to buy the Strider PREBike for Toddlers

Strider PREbike For Toddlers

Click here to buy the Strider PREBike for ToddlersStrider PREbike Balance Running Bike is ideal for toddlers. If they can already walk, you can get them started riding on this pre-bike early. You will have no difficulty assembling this bike, and your toddler will have no trouble maneuvering it because it only weighs 6.9 pounds! Any child can easily maneuver this around the house and in the front yard.

If you want your child to learn the basic coordination, balance, and movements needed to ride a real bike in future, then you should start him out on this PREbike as soon as possible.

The remarkable thing about this item is that is has no pedals. And unlike other pre-bikes for toddlers, the Strider is not a tricycle. Instead, it only has two wheels so that your toddler can get used to the feel of a real bike. Your kid can then use his or her feet to walk on the ground (this serves as the pedal) while controlling the bike. What this does is that it trains your toddler to balance himself and maneuver a bike with ease. There’s no need for clunky toys and pre-bikes with training wheels. The Strider is the ideal toy for your toddler to play with if he is to get started riding a real bike early.

Strider PREBike For Toddlers – An Easy Way to Learn

This bike is available in 6 colors:

Click here to buy the PINK Strider PREBikePink

Click here to buy the BLUE Strider PREBikeBlue

Click here to buy the YELLOW Strider PREBikeYellow

Click here to buy the GREEN Strider PREBikeGreen

Click here to buy the RED Strider PREBikeRed

Click here to buy the ORANGE Strider PREBikeOrange

If you have a toddler then you will know how excited they are to get riding on bikes, especially if they have older siblings. You will also know how gut-wrenching it is to see your little one sobbing their heart out when they just can’t get to grips with the balance or control the traditional clunky and heavy bikes.

The is where the revolutionary Strider Sports PREbikeTM comes in; it really makes it a lot more fun and easier for your child to learn those crucial skills of balance and coordination which are so necessary in order to ride a bike.

This bike is a natural progression from a ride-on toy to learning to ride a bike and has:

  • No pedals
  • No training wheels

The design of this bike makes it really easy to get your little one used to getting the correct balance that is needed before you can ride a 2 wheeled bike. These are some design features that actually help your toddler:

  • No more flat tires or punctures (this bike has puncture-proof all-terrain tires)
  • Clever frame design with integrated Launch pad FOOTRESTS that help your child to glide and acquire those advanced bike riding skills
  • Comes with an adjustable handlebar and seat height to fit riders from 30-Inch to 44-Inch tall

What a lot of users love about the Strider is that it can accommodate little kids very well. Some bikes out there in the market are difficult to mount, especially if your toddler is small. With the Strider, you can easily teach your child to seat comfortably on the bike seat. If your toddler is slightly taller, you can still use the Strider because it holds up pretty well while supporting your toddler’s weight.

The Strider PREbike has wheels made of foam. Various users take this both as a positive and negative feature. Some users are not too impressed with the idea of having wheels made of foam. After all, rubber wheels are better for outdoor use. However, the foam wheels can be really convenient for your child because it makes the bike even lighter in weight.

The best thing about the Strider is that it builds your toddler’s confidence. It removes any fear of riding bikes early on. Now you can watch your kid learn how to ride a bike without fear that he may crash and hurt himself. Plus, all this comes at an affordable price and good quality.

How Does My Child LEarn to Ride The Strider Pre-Bike:

Your child powers this bike by using their feet safely on the ground. It helps them to develope their motor skills so that they learn to balance a bike at theirr own pace and safely and  without the fear of falling off and hurting themselves.

We all know that if your child is having fun whilst learning a new skill and is not going to fall off and hurt themselves, then their confidence will soar and they will learn to ride a bike sooner.
This is exactly what this prebike offers.

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