Toys to Keep Tearaway Toddlers Amused

image of a mini kick scooterTearaway toddlers who can’t sit still need a wider range of more challenging toys.

As he approaches his first birthday, your little baby now crosses the line into the exciting world of toddlers. They become increasingly independent and their hand-eye coordination has increased considerably rendering more control over their environment and any objects therein. Toddler’s toys therefore, become more complex, items such as puzzles, wooden shapes to fit into boards and more building and stacking toys as well. In short, anything that will keep toddler hands busy and toddler minds active!

Toddlers will be entranced and absorbed by toys that come apart and then need to be reassembled again.
Small jigsaw puzzles, of maybe 2-4 parts, wooden blocks that can be stacked and unstacked, and shape sorters are ideal toys for toddlers. Be aware though that the more complex shapes might still prove to be quite a challenge for their ever inquisitive and fascinated minds.

For outdoor toys that will help your toddler to get a feel for balance, for instance when learning to ride a bike, you may want to take a look at the Strider PREBike for Toddlers or the Mini Kick Scooter. Both are excellent, high-quality outdoor toys for toddlers.

You can browse online and sort by brand, by age even by type of toy – it all makes for an easy, simple, comfortable shopping experience.

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