The Benefits of Wooden Toys

While wooden toys don’t seem as appealing as the latest plastic gadgets on the market, they do have their advantages. They may not produce sounds or do the things electronic toys do, but they are very educational and do not need batteries to operate. Remember, your grandparents didn’t have electronic toys when they were growing up; they played with wooden toys.

Let’s look at the main benefits of wooden toys:


The reason our grandparents had their wooden toys for almost a lifetime is that wood is much more durable than plastic. If the quality of the wood is good and it is adequately treated, it can take many hard knocks without breaking like plastic toys.


Wooden toys will grow your child’s imagination. They will be able to make up their adventures and stories while playing. If your child gets the latest superhero plastic toy, their vision will only be limited to what they have seen on TV; there will be no room for creativity and development.


Many wooden toys stimulate learning and teach discovery which enhances your child’s development. These include puzzles, sorting games, blackboards, dollhouses, play furniture and kitchen sets. Hand-eye coordination and reasoning are also improved while playing with toys like these.


We hope this article explained the importance of buying wooden toys for your children. You will see that while all of the other toys in their toy chest get older and break, the wooden toys will be the ones they enjoy for many years to come.

It may seem that wooden toys are not that easy to get hold of anymore, but there are still several online shops that sell them. Just do a simple web search to find the ones in your area, you may even find a few ones that make custom toys according to your needs. Another advantage of these shops is that they will also paint the toys the color you prefer, which will make them into the color scheme of any child’s room.

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