Selecting Baby Shower Gifts – 5 Tips To Choose Useful Presents

image for Selecting Baby Shower Gifts1. Understand that a baby shower is a party held for wishing well to a set of expectant parents and gifts need not be only for the baby, though this is usually the case. You are encouraged to think out of the box of baby layettes, toiletries and soft toys here even as these are never out of form for traditional gifting.
2. For couples who are expecting their first child, the baby shower and new gifts will seem exciting, but if not practical to their lifestyle, will end up not being used at all, which is such a waste! To avoid giving inappropriate gifts at a baby shower, check out whether the couple have made a baby registry as is the norm these days: it involves the couple writing down their most desirable items for the baby and friends and relatives look it up and buy what they can afford to gift, which is a welcome aspect to modern life.
3. Diaper baskets and other assorted toiletries (wipes, powder etc) to keep baby fresh, clean and sweet-smelling are another great baby shower gift idea and really useful for parents that intend using cloth diapers, but may well be charmed with the prospect of using disposables for convenience and cleanliness during traveling etc.
4. Gift a feeding bottle pack complete with cleaning brush and liquid and a bunch of pacifiers to keep baby content and the new parents at peace with their new, changing duties of parenthood.
5. Pick educational games and toys for the coming baby as these will boost his or her development and be an asset to the new parents, who are yet to learn many things about bringing up babies. Smart choices include musical CDS for music to learn and sleep by, baby books with soft covers and educational videos! Increase baby’s chances of using interactive toys to learn faster and grow faster too – and the new parents are sure to love you for these thoughtful gifts of yours!

Apart from the above baby shower gift ideas, there’s tons more baby goodies out there in the marketplace to choose your perfect present from, so rack your brains for something innovative, cutesy and useful that expectant parents are likely to find practical and which will not be superfluous for the baby. Smart choices include soft bathing toys and cloth scrubbers, rubber ducky, soaps and lotions as well as baby clothes in slightly bigger sizes for baby to grow into. And if all else fails, there’s always the true color of gift money – yes, a check can help the expectant parents buy whatever guests at the baby shower missed gifting them, so why not use this as a practical way to celebrate a coming arrival?

Abhishek Agarwal

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