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Monster High Dolls

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The Monster High Dolls were made back in 2007 but were officially released in 2010.

Made by Mattel, these 10 – 11 inch fashion dolls reflected the latest fashion trends but had a freaky heritage: they were descendants of the famous movie monsters such as Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Medusa and generally zombies and werewolves.

These dolls live in a universe where they attend a school called “Monster High” and all of the students and teachers that attend this school are monsters and ghouls from popular monster movies and books.

The Monster High dolls have become a collector’s item and are highly sought after because the dolls look so unique and have so much personality and many interesting characteristics.

Another interesting feature that sets these dolls apart from many other fashion dolls, apart from their horror movie themed looks, is that they have articulated bodies. Which means that they can bend at their joints, such as their knees and elbows and you can remove their hand and feet to make re-dressing up easier.

Interestingly, or perhaps because they are descendants of ghouls and monsters, these dolls don’t have one skin tone. Rather, some dolls have a blue-ish skin tone and others have green or pink. This makes them even more interesting to look at.

What Are Fashion Dolls?

Barbie is a good example of a fashion doll. She wasn’t created as a play along doll with the features of a baby and baby accessories and clothes.

Rather, Barbie had the face and body of a grown woman and wore the most fashionable clothing too.

This is exactly what fashion dolls are: Dolls that physically resemble teenage girls or young women, with beautifully made up faces and hairstyles to match and have a trendy line of clothing too.

Because they are Fashion Dolls, this makes for an interesting addition of the latest fashionable costumes for each doll to have.

As well as their unique clothing, each doll has a diary or journal and a pet.  Some have hydration stations, a bed, and jewelry boxes shaped like coffins as accessories which can be bought separately in addition to the dolls.

Monster High Movies, Games & Website

The Monster High product line has been so successful in such a short space of time, that the demand for these products is growing at a fast pace and Mattel, the makers of these dolls,  are trying to accommodate that demand as best as they can.

There is a Monster High website where visitors can take a look at the character bios of each doll as well as download fun activities and play online games.

You can also view what are called “webisodes” of Monster High on this website. Webisodes are episodes of a Monster High show that are available for online viewing.

Monster High Books

As well as having their own website, the Monster High dolls have their own YouTube channel and a series of
Monster High Books written by Lisi Harrison.

The first Monster High novel was released on September 2011.
The second book which was called “The Ghoul Next Door” was released in March 2011.
The third book is called “Where There’s A Wolf, There’s a Way” and this is due for release in September 2011.

A Monster High diary-book which is called “Drop Dead Diary” is scheduled for release in October 2011.

The Monster High Franchise

The Monster High franchise which markets the entire line of Monster High dolls, books, shows and so on, is the largest that Mattel has ever undertaken.

The company acknowledges that it is taking a risk with this product line is hoping that this will pay off in the long-term as it is targeting the pre-teens and teenage market segment and feels that these hip and trendy fashion dolls and their daily high school trials and tribulations will appeal to many.

Read more about the Monster High Mattel Franchise here.

The Monster High Characters

Mattel did well to base their new line of toys on the problems and issues teens and pre-teens are likely to encounter at High School.

With students and teachers all being ghouls and monsters, this makes for an especially interesting mix to the stories and shows based around these characters and has great appeal for teenagers.

The main Monster High characters are:

Monster High Character Personality & Characteristics Descendant of Pet
Clawdeen Wolf confident, extrovert, friendly, loves fashion the Werewolf purple cat called Crescent
Cleo de Nile very popular, arrogant, Deuce Gorgon’s girlfriend the Mummy snake called Hissette
Deuce Gorgon interested in cooking, playing casketball & skateboarding, boyfriend of Cleo de Nile Medusa
Draculaura sweet, friendly, likes pink & black, loves going for long walks Count Dracula bat called Count Fabulous
Frankie Stein clumsy, friendly & athletic Frankenstein puppy called Watzit
Ghoulia Yhelps smartest girl at school, only speaks “zombie”, shy, thoughtful & loves to read zombie couple blue pet owl called Sir Hoots a Lot
Lagoona Blue laid-back, a sporty tomboy, loves swimming & animals Sea Monster pet piranha Neptuna
Spectra Vondergeist writes the column for the school newspaper, can float through walls, is able to overhear others talking easily, is a free spirit a ghost ghost ferret called Rhuen
Abbey Bominable captain of the snowboarding team, is an exchange student from up North, her family is good friends with the Headmistress of Monster High School the Yeti baby woolly mammoth called Shivver

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