Pet robots for kids, what a great idea! No mess, no  hassle, no feeding or cleaning required and an easy pet  for parents to have.

For kids, pet robots are fun too  because they give your child a pet buddy to look after and  depending on which make and model of pet robot you buy,  these clever toys often perform tricks, make appropriate  animal noises and move too.…

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket Blue

Original My Pillow Pets Dinosaur Blanket BlueKids absolutely adore the Dinosaur My Pillow Pets toys – why?

Because they are soft and cuddly and most dinosaur toys you get tend to be plastic and therefore hard to touch.

Oddly enough, whilst, as parents, we know that dinosaurs were huge, scary looking animals that roamed the earth millions of years ago, small children are mesmerised by them.