stimulating baby toys

click here to buy the Vtech Move & Crawl BallIf your little one is around the age of 6 months or more, then this Vtech Move &  Crawl ball is one of those great toys that help baby to crawl.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to buy anything in order to get your baby to start  crawling. And, you don’t want to force your child to start crawling before he or she is  ready either.

You can tell when your baby is ready because one day, all of a sudden you realize  that they are not where you placed them! They have moved to a different part of the  …

Educational Kids Toys

Educational Kids ToysLights, bells, whistles – educational toys come in so many guises!

These days so many of the top brands offer a fantastic selection of educational toys  – brands such as Lego, vTech, Brio, LeapFrog and Fisher Price.

There are electronic books that help your child to enunciate letters and words, books that help them to read and write, furry toys that read stories, interactive Globes to help your child explore other continents and to discover about animals.…

click here to buy the MobiGo Touch Learning System

click here to buy the Mobigo Touch Learning systemIf you’re looking for an educational based handheld  gaming system to keep your children entertained,  then the MobiGo Touch Learning System by Vtech is something  you might be interested in looking at.

It’s a portable gaming system, which means your kids  can use this in the car whilst on journeys, which  invariably means a more peaceful ride for the entire  family too….…

click here to buy the Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera

click here to buy the vTech Kidizoom CameraKids love taking photos and if yours show any signs of interest in photography, why not encourage them by buying them their own camera? The Vtech Kidizoom  Camera is perfect from kids aged 3 to 8 years of age.

You don’t want your kids to be taking pictures with your expensive camera but at the same time, you can’t give them a toy camera either (kids are very smart you know). Therefore it makes perfect sense to give them a camera of their own.

The Vtech Kidizoom cameras are designed for children and are real cameras that take real photos.

image for Intelligent Toys for Age 4-5Parents love buying intelligent toys for age 4-5 year old  kids.

This is a good way of helping your child with his or her  preschool learning.
The last thing you want to do as parents is sit down with  your child and recite the whole of the alphabet or number  from 1 to 100.…