click here to buy the well-loved cop-op game Pandemic

Pandemic Game

click here to buy the well-loved cop-op game PandemicRace against time and attempt to save the world!

That’s what the Pandemic board game is all about.

A 2 to 5 player game,  this is what is known as a co-operative game where all the players need to work together in order to find a cure for the world.

Basically, a team of specialists (that means you and the players) are tasked with finding a cure for the 4 diseases that have broken out worldwide. You need to find a cure before all life is wiped out across the world.

Pandemic is not a lengthy game and won’t consume 2 or 3 hours of your time. It’s not overly complicated either as some games are where it takes such a long time to trawl through the rules and instructions.
And it is a rewarding game to play – in that, since you are all working as a team to find a cure, you have to work with your players and if you win – this is quite an achievement! However, if you lose, you might not feel too great about that either.

Needless to say, Pandemic is a highly popular board game and great fun for family get togethers.

It can be played with 2 people at a minimum but the more players you add to the mix, the more difficult the game becomes.

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