Transformers – MechTech Voyager Shockwave

click to buy Transformers Shockwave toy from Amazon.comCheck out the cool new Transformers: Dark of the Moon – MechTech Voyager – Shockwave.  This fearsome and powerful Transformer villain whose main mission is to keep Decepticon plans secret from the Autobots.

Shockwave’s weapons consist of a Battle Cannon that can convert into a Particle Wave Blaster on one arm and on the other is a double end bladed sword – armed to the hilt and ready for any battle, that’s Shockwave!

Shockwave will go into battle with anyone at anytime, eliminating evidence and witnesses in his own ruthless, brutal and emotionless way.

You’ll know when Shockwave has hit because he leaves behind him a trail of devastation and destruction.

Changing from a battleready robot into a ground assault vehicle and back again, this sneaky and deceptive Transformer figure takes deep pleasure from fighting in the fiercest of battles.

Transformer Voyager collectors find this to be an awesome toy. If there is a negative point here, it seems to be that the figure is a little short in size.

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