Disney Mater Plush Toy

Disney Pillow Pets

Disney Mater Plush ToySorry kids but there are no Disney Pillow Pets.   That’s the truth of it. If you were looking for a  Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet or a Cars 2 Pillow Pet, then  you are in for a bit of a shock – there is no Disney  Pillow Pet available to buy.

The Pillow Pets range of toys consist of Farm  animals, Ocean creatures, Pets and Fantasy creatures  as well as a few other types of Pillow Pets.

They don’t have Mater, or Lightning McQueen, or  Minnie or Mickey Mouse as Pillow Pets or Disney  Pillow Pals.  There are no Toy Story Pillow Pets or  Harry Potter Pillow Pets either.

However, if you were looking for any of the  following:

Mater Pillow Pet
Cars 2 Pillow Pets
Buzz Lightyear Pillow Pet
Woody Pillow Pets
Pillow Pets for Toy Story
Mickey Mouse Pillow Pal
Pillow Pets Harry Potter

Then you might be interested to know that you can  get plush toys of your favorite Disney characters,  whether they are from your beloved Harry Potter  films, or Cars 2 or Toys Story.  Not to mention the  age old classic Star Wars films.  Plush toys do  exist for each of these.  They just won’t be Pillow Pets.

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