Disney Mater Plush Toy

Mater Pillow Pet

Disney Mater Plush Toy

Mater, the goofy and adorable old buddy of Lightning McQueen is in fine form here as a cuddly plush toy.

Soft enough to cuddle when in bed and hug, this is the perfect toy for young kids. Now that the hit movie “Cars 2” has become such a huge summer 2011 success, seen by many over the course of the summer break, the Cars 2 characters, whether in plastic/metal form or plush toys, are in great demand.

Cars Movie Pillow Pets

As you might know, there are no Cars Movie Pillow Pets toys available. The Cars 2 range of characters does not feature in the My Pillow Pets product line. However, there are many Cars 2 plush and Mater toys available, even though they might not be specifically by the Disney brand. You definitely won’t find any Cars 2 toys in the genuine My Pillow Pets range, for now anyway.

But, naturally, both parents and children will be looking out for Disney Pillow Pets and they will find plenty of plush toys based on Disney characters available.

The great thing about having a plush Tow Mater toy is that they are comfortable to hug in bed. Many young children become so attached to their new toys that they will not even part with them at bedtime.

Often, parents worry when their children take hard toys to sleep and the parents are the ones who have to wrench these toys away from their children ones their little ones have fallen asleep.

With Plush toys, this isn’t the case. Always read the manufacturer’s recommended minimum age notes as many soft toys, especially the Pillow Pets plush toys are not recommended for children under the age of 3 years.

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