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Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet

click here to buy Zippity ZebraThe Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet is another beautifully soft  and snuggly plush toy from the My Pillow Pets company.

These adorable Zebra plush pets are available in both  sizes, the Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet large is 18 inches in  size whilst the Zippity Zebra Pillow Pet small is 11  inches long.

Of course, this is no ordinary zebra. Our My Pillow Pets  zebra plush toy has a super soft pink underbelly and  matching pink feet and ears and is so so so so cute!  You  won’t want to put this cutesy little zebra down.

Unless of course, it is time to watch TV or read a book or  perhaps even to go to bed. Then, simply un-velcro the band  that holds Zippity Zebra together, and lie zebra flat so  that he turns into a wonderfully soft pillow to rest  little heads on.

Or, keep Zippity Zebra fastened together at the belly and  have him be your child’s constant companion.

Moms and dad will find that they have lots of quiet time  when Zippity Zebra is around because your child will have  a playmate and a constant companion who never leaves your  child’s side.

Great for naptime and bedtime at home and at school as  well as travel time.  Alternatively, if your little one is not too keen on Zippity Zebra, how about a Pillow Pets Moose or Sassy Cat Pillow Pet? Check out the newest My Pillow Pets additions here.

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