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My Pillow Pets Moose

click to buy My Pillow Pets MooseMy Pillow Pets moose is a chocolate brown soft and cuddly,  huggable, snuggly and cute looking Moose that kids will  adore and love to pieces.

Dopey eyes, big fluffy ears and golden brown antlers give  you one of the cutest looking moose you have ever seen!

The Moose Pillow pets are available in both sizes: the small pillow pets 11 inch moose and
and the large pillow pets 18 inch moose.


A Cuddly Moose by Day and a Pillow By Night

That’s what your child will get with this adorable Pillow  Pet Moose.  If you open the velcro closure and lie the  plush pet flat, you have yourself a soft and comfortable  pillow to lay your head on.

Close the velcro closure and the pillow turns into a  Pillow Pet Moose – large or small, depending on what size  you purchase.

Whilst a dryer is not recommended, you can wash this plush toy in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.  Moms will  love it that this is so easy to keep clean!

Kids will also love the My Pillow Pets Moose blanket which  is a an extra cuddly fleece blanket and great for home,  for travelling and for school. Its a generous 50 inches  long by 36 inches wide and coordinates beautifully with  the Pillow Pets Moose.

You can also buy the extra cute My Pillow Pets Moose  Backpack too.

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