Smart Bounce & Spin Pony

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony

Smart Bounce & Spin Pony

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Bounce & Spin Pony is  one of those  cool looking interactive and educational games  for keeping your little toddlers amused and learning through  play.

So what is it?
The Smart Bounce & Spin Pony is a molded plastic pony that  sits on a wide sturdy plastic base.

Basically, it encourages physical movement in your child and  interacts with the television.

It is more than a rocking horse.
Get your little toddler to hop onto this interactive pony and  whilst it encourages physical movement it also interacts with  the television at the same time.

It will need assembly when you buy this.

How Does the Spin Pony Work?

Smart Bounce Spin Pony Controller
By plugging in the receiver into your television, VCR or DVD  player’s audio/vido input jacks, you’ll see the game  introductory screen appearing on the TV.

Because this is WIRELESS technology, the pony’s motions will  control the video games – perfect for a toddler who is just  starting to learn about cause and effect.

Whilst your child is playing and bouncing and spinning as  he/she rides the pony, this interacts with the learning games  that your child chooses to play.

The use of wireless technology is smart because it makes this  very convenient to use and avoids nasty accidents where your  child might trip over the trailing wires and cords.

Does it Need To Be Connected to the TV?

No.  If you don’t connect this to the TV, then your toddler  can play on the pony which by itself will make sound effects  and play songs.

Adult supervision is required for this toy in case your  toddler falls off.

What Sort of Games Does This Educational Toy Provide?

The educational games here feature simple and colorful  animation.  Your child will bound on the pony and this causes  the animated features to react.

The five learning sites on the Smart Bounce & Spin Pony:

* A to Z Zoo
* Count & Grow Farm
* Colorful Home
* Shapes at Shore
* Opposites Playground

There are 3 levels in each game and these can be selected by  an adult by using the buttons on the receiver.

What Age is This recommended For?

This toy is recommended for ages 12 to 36 months although 12  month children might find it difficult to get on and stay on  this pony.

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