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Lego Make & Create Café Corner

click to buy Lego Make & Create Cafe CornerThe Lego Make & Create Cafe Corner is one of those  rare and beautifully crafted, detailed and realistic  pieces of Lego genius that transport you to another  Lego world.

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Come and visit this hub of activity that is the corner  cafe complete with cafe tables that have umbrellas,  yellow and white striped awning, benches, street  lamps, a Hotel sign and more.

With this Lego building set you are able to recreate a magnificent street  corner cafe, so intricately detailed with beautiful  architecture that you would expect to see on a real  town building.

This set contains pieces that have special  Lego colors, such as dark blue, dark red, medium blue  and transparent red.

Building Your Lego Corner Cafe

This Hotel Cafe corner Lego set comes with three Lego mini-figures and can easily  be expanded on. It consists of 2,056 pieces and  will keep you busy for a good while! However, should  you want to add to it over time, this can be easily  done also.

The Cafe Corner set is built in sections and can also  be taken apart in 3 sections making it easy to store  and to transport. Being a large and detailed Lego building kit, be prepared to put aside 6 to 8 hours or more for building this up.

However, it makes for some lovely  quality family time together.

Keep little ones away though, as they have a tendency  to want to rip apart objects that have been  painstakingly put together by older siblings.

With this set, you build up in sections, 3 major  sections to be precise.  This makes it easier to get  your head around, especially when you are surrounded  with the differently labelled Lego bags once you open  the box.

The architectural detail and sheer intricacy of this  Lego building set is enough to take your breath away.  With over 2000 pieces, you can imagine the level of  detailing that has gone into this set.

Since it has a modular design, lovers of Lego and  enthusiastic Lego collectors can change the look and  feel of this cute Cafe by expanding the street, adding  a hotel, or joining 4 Cafe Corners together with  connectors at the base of the structure. Other Lego sets that you can use are the Lego Grand Emporium, the Lego Police Station or the Lego Creator Green Grocer all of which have modular structures.

Inside the Create Cafe Corner

Taking off the 2 top stories of this Corner Cafe will  reveal inner rooms and staircases with handrails.

For a challenging, engaging, fun and creative type of  play for teenagers and adults, this special Create  Cafe Corner Lego set will keep you busy for hours. It  is also a great collectible set that you will want to  show and display for years to come.

Note: This Lego set is quite detailed and is  recommended for ages 16 and up.  As with all Lego  sets, due to the size of the small Lego pieces, these  sets are not intended for children under 3 years.

Make sure you have your camera and camcorder ready  once you have put this up because you will want to  send pictures to everyone showing what you have just  built.

For die-hard Lego collectors, the Cafe Corner Lego set  is a must-have.

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